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Lynx-II - New MCA from Mirion


As the next evolution of our premium MCA, the Lynx II delivers stronger cybersecurity protocols, faster communication, and simplified connectivity. 



For decades, the Mirion Lynx DSA has continued to be the most advanced, full-featured multi-channel analyzer ever offered. Our next-generation MCA pushes user benefits even further:

  • Safety and security. Enhanced cybersecurity via Linux platform and SSL/TLS protocols
  • Future-ready. Latest technology prepares you for future enhancements
  • Faster throughputs. Increased communication speeds, faster software response and faster boot-up time
  • Backward compatible. Works with existing software, licenses and cables
  • Expanded Interconnectivity. Connects via Ethernet and USB
  • Peace of mind. Mirion longstanding service and support

Enhanced Cybersecurity

All software technologies within the firmware have been scanned using a suite of vulnerability tools. Combined with firewalls, a Transport Layer Security that authenticates and encrypts communication interfaces, and a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that ensures the integrity and authenticity of all firmware components, Lynx II is the most cyber secure MCA available.

Backward Compatible, and Future-Ready
We designed the Lynx II to be fully backward compatible with existing Mirion software, licenses and cables, while also building in scalability and future-readiness for coming enhancements.

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